The official trailer for Repression in Paradise will be released on July 16th, 2018. A date that is very important for all Venezuelans across the world.

Last year, on that very same date, Venezuelans took part in the largest single act of protests in Latin America when over 7,600,000 people voted in an unofficial referendum known as the Popular Consult against the dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro.

The vote revolved around 3 key questions:

  1. Are you against recognizing the National Constitutent Assembly proposed by Nicolas Madura without the approval of the people of Venezuela?
  2. Do you demand that the National Armed Forces obey and defend the constitution of 1999 and back the decisions of the National Assembly?
  3. Do you approve that the Public Powers be renewed in following with the agreements established within the Constitution, such as holding new elections and creating a new government of national unity?

Over 98% of the people voted Yes to all three questions showing that the country was ready for a transitional government and were against the National Constituent Assembly which would be in charge of rewriting the constitution of Venezuela, illegally.

One Year Later

12 months later and we are still reeling from the bad decisions made after the vote with the dictatorship still in power, and the country suffering from the worst humanitarian crisis in its history. The crisis has been so bad and inflation rampant that millions have fled to neighboring countries, creating an entirely different crisis in those countries with massive refugees flowing in. In 2017, Venezuelans were the number 1 source of refugees for the United States.

With such an important anniversary approaching, we have decided that July 16th would be the perfect day to release the trailer for this documentary that recounts the events and tells the story of many of those that gave it all for freedom in Venezuela.

Where Can I View The Trailer?

We will be posting the trailer here on, on our official Facebook page and on the director’s Twitter page,